Gain Fast & Actionable Insights!

Effective communication is VISUAL! SmiForce’s groundbreaking service will help you transform your operation, build a better relationship with your customers, improve processes, and reduce your cost!

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IT Management, Evolved
Reduce cost
Our cloud-based SaaS solution will create fast & actionable insights at a lower cost! You will not need to develop infrastructure, maintenance plans, or hire business analysts & data scientists.
New Feature: Security Event Management Solution
SmiForce provides a cloud-based SaaS service to mid-size companies who are struggling to setup a SEM solution, and do not have the ability to deliver fast & actionable business insights to isolate today’s cyber security threats. SmiForce’s services will analyze your firewall & server logs and audit/training/& vulnerability scanning data to provide you with a comprehensive security dashboard. Our cloud-based solution is easy to use as we will utilize your data, analyze & apply statistical functions, and provide a dynamic visualizations that are accessible via a secure portal.
Improved communication with business partners
Accountability without techno-babble! You need to collaborate with your business partners in projects, budget determination, asset management and ROI calculations, and application or security assessments, all without the benefit of a shared technology language. SmiForce's cloud-based SaaS solution allow you to collaborate in a way that is visual, compelling, and jargon free.
You serve many masters. Delivering insights to the business securely and at the right level of detail in a complex environment is a full-time job. SmiForce’s report portal provides analytics, dashboards, scorecards, KPIs, and metrics to improve revenue and reduce costs! We develop & communicate the business insights in a fast & actionable way!
Applications may be locked in silos, but your data shouldn't be! SmiForce’s groundbreaking SaaS solution provides One-Tool to analyze your business; you provide the data; we give you the business insights. It easy and quick! You do NOT need Infrastructure. You do NOT need BIG Data. You do NOT need an expensive staff. We do it all for you! We analyze your data and provide actionable insights to improve revenue & overall sales!
The Power to Act! View key analyses, performance metrics, and reports that identify the appropriate time to trigger specific activities such as revenue management, inventory management, budget forecasting, and customer analyses. SmiForce's customized insights, based on industry best practices, assist you in deciding the best course of action to help your business!
IT Analytics and Operational Reporting
What Gets Measured, Gets Done!
SmiForce's best in-class analytics and flexible reporting engine empower you to maximize your efficiency.
Connected and integrated
Siloed and disconnected data will no longer prevent you from getting the most from your investment. With SmiForce’s capabilities, we correlate, aggregate, & perform various analytics, that you can integrate into dynamic visualizations to provide insights and spur actions.
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IT Management, Evolved
Scalable insights!
Business leaders have decades of experience in scaling and leading organizations. We have leveraged these insights to include hundreds of analytical frameworks that are critical to the successful operation of a business. We allow users to rapidly extract insights without complex technologies and costly staff to create reports and dynamic visualizations. Our solution designed scale from a small business to fortune 500 company.
Business reporting that is driven by your unique environment!
You are not constrained by our out of the box thinking. We can personalize our framework to suit your unique business challenges. Our solution is designed to answer the complicated strategic questions of a dynamic business through data. Our tools expose insights irrespective of its location or complexity – Sales, Marketing, Financial, Operations, Customer Service, Product Defects, Budgets, Applications, Staff, Project, Vendor contract, and Security. We are able to ingest the data, perform analyses, and find business insights!
SmiForce's cloud-based SaaS solution helps you see your business from multiple views. Our services provide you the insights you need to grow in a dynamic & cost-effective way without complexities!
Many man-years of research and development have gone into developing the SmiForce SaaS based solution. By having “One-Tool” we can provide specific modules for every component in a complex organization. SmiForce is able to provide an essential data analytic tool, unmatched reporting on critical analyses, and key performance indicators for sales, marketing, operations, finance, and technology!
  • Channel & Product Revenue Analyses
  • Product Pricing Analysis
  • Commission & Quota Insights
  • Customer Forecasting Analysis
  • Lead Generation Insights
  • CRM Data Analysis
  • Distribution & Rebate analysis
  • Budget forecast & planning
  • Cash Flow insights
  • Strategic Revenue Management insights
  • Monthly revenue, cost, & profit tracking
  • Product NPV insights
  • Delivery Performance
  • Quality Reports
  • Customer Satisfaction Survey Insights
  • Line Maintenance & Production Time
  • Inventory Analysis
  • CIO Dashboard
  • Service-Desk Insights
  • Call-Center Insights
  • Application Performance Management
  • Service Availability Reporting
  • Cyber-Security SEM Solution
  • DR Plan Development
  • Security Dashboard
  • Firewall Log analysis
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IT Management, Evolved
Growing your business!
SmiForce understands the challenges of growing a mid-size business. We know you do not have large budgets, the infrastructure to analyze your data, and the time to deliver fast & actionable insights. We can help!
Retail Industry
Retail organizations face a competitive environment as they strive to increase sales & customers, manage inventory & costs, and deliver quality experiences to consumers. With an ever-changing landscape, our solution helps provide your team with the insights to give you the business edge you need.
Healthcare Industry
For many healthcare providers, the ability to streamline operations & technology needs are difficult without extensive resources. With our cost-effective, cloud-based solution, we can help identify & communicate key business issues that you face on an on-going basis.
Convenience Store Industry
C-Stores are designed to provide consumers with a fast & simple shopping experience. Continuously challenged by competition, profitability, efficient inventory management & store operations, and consumer loyalty, C-Stores are in need of developing cost-effective solutions to combat these areas. Our data-analytic solution will aggregate data from multiple sources to enable your team with the actionable business insights.
Restaurant Industry
Restaurants are challenged with maintaining quality experiences at an affordable cost. With multiple data sources, the ability to have one-tool to help show how business is performing & how to manage cost is a need. Our services provide Restaurants with 360-degree view of their business to help manage Sales, Marketing, Finance, & Operations!
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IT Management, Evolved
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