You are under pressure to reduce costs, build better relationships with business stakeholders and demonstrate your IT organization’s effectiveness.

Effective communication is VISUAL! Graphical reports, KPIs, Trend Analysis, and Dashboards will bring transparency and insight to the C-Suite. SmiForce’s groundbreaking technologies will help you transform your IT operation, build a better relationship with your business partners and reduce your IT cost.

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IT Management, Evolved
Reduce IT costs
SmiForce's cloud-based IT automation SaaS solution helps you consolidate tools and reduce cost by providing 'One Technology' for every part of the IT management function and operational reporting.
Continuous improvement through advanced data analytics
Data driven decision making is at the core of the best IT organizations. SmiForce's ITSM tools are designed to provide the data that helps you seek out operational deficiencies through data to enhance your operational strategies. They help separate opinion from fact, by delivering IT analytics, benchmarking, and resource planning reports – giving you a 360 degree view of your operation
Improved communication with business partners
Accountability without techno-babble! You need to collaborate with your business partners in projects, budget determination, asset management and ROI calculations, and application or security assessments, all without the benefit of a shared technology language. SmiForce's advanced ITSM tools allow you to collaborate in a way that is visual, compelling, and jargon free.
You serve many masters. Delivering insight to the business at the right level of detail in a complex IT environment is a full time job. SmiForce’s business intelligence (BI), analytics, KPIs, and metrics provide this support to the complete range of business and technical clients.
Applications may be locked in silos, but your data shouldn't be! SmiForce’s groundbreaking IT Service management solution (ITSM) allows you to consolidate your tools, simplify your processes through a collection of functional modules, and display of the analytics via a graphically rich user interface. Extensive data import and export features simplify data entry, and reduce the chance of undetected errors.
The Power to Act! View key performance metrics and reports that identify the appropriate time to trigger specific activities such as outsourcing, cost reduction, and improvement projects. SmiForce's personalized reports, based on industry best practices, assist you in deciding the best course of action.
IT Analytics and Operational Reporting
What Gets Measured, Gets Done!
SmiForce's best in class dashboards and flexible reporting
engine empower you to
maximize your efficiency.
Connected and integrated
Siloed and disconnected data will no longer prevent you from getting the most from your IT investment. With SmiForce’s pre-built connectors, you can integrate that data into unified reports that provide insight and spur action.
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IT Management, Evolved
Scalable Insight!
Leading CIOs have decades of experience in scaling and leading IT organizations. We have leveraged this insight and experience to include hundreds of objects that are critical to the successful operation of an IT organization. These objects allow users to rapidly extract insight without an understanding of the SmiForce database schema to create reports and dashboard using business oriented names.
Business reporting that is driven by your unique business environment
You are not constrained by our out of the box reports. You can personalize them to suit your unique business challenges. Our reporting engine is designed to answer the complicated strategic questions of a dynamic business through data. Our tools expose insight irrespective of its location or complexity - Budgets, Application, Staff, Project, Vendor contract, Security, Customer SLA Dashboard, Best/Worst Availability are all available in an extensible format.
SmiForce's IT service management (ITSM) solution helps you enhance your ITSM capabilities and ability to consolidate vendors by providing 'One Technology' for every part of the reporting and IT management functions.
Many man-years of research and development have gone into developing the SmiForce ITSM solution. By having operational modules for every component in a complex IT organization, SmiForce is able to provide essential IT tools, and unmatched reporting on critical ratios and key performance indicators for service desk(incidents), infrastructure, security, projects, and applications.
  • Application Portfolio Management
Finance & Contracts
  • Budget Creation
  • Budget Analysis with Variance Reporting
  • Vendor Contracts & Performance Management
  • IT Analytics and Operational reporting
  • Benchmarking Module
  • SLA Reporting & IT Operational Target Setting
  • Datacenter Management
  • Asset Management (HW/SW)
  • DR Plan Development
  • Security Auditing
  • Portfolio Managemnt
  • Project Management
  • BMC-ITSM reports
  • ServiceNow-ITSM reports
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IT Management, Evolved
SmiForce understands the challenges of being a state or local government leader. We know you struggle with reduced IT budgets, demands for improved transparency, and IT consolidation pressures. We can help!
IT Budget
Whether you are developing an IT budget or reporting, SmiForce can simplify your challenges with rate setting, cost allocations and financial reporting.
SLA and IT Reporting
It is very challenging to satisfy commissioners' and legislators' reporting and SLA requirements. SmiForce solutions can help through dashboards and self-service reports.
Disaster Recovery(DR) Plans
The business of government has no downtime. SmiForce gives you rapid access and control of your Disaster Recovery(DR) Plans. Our modules provide plan management, assessment , detail reporting, and much more.
Vendors, Licenses, and Contract Management
Discovery and consolidation of licenses is critical to managing cost with government funds. SmiForce can help break down information silos related to technical procurement. We maximize technology ROI by tracking maintenance dates and costs.
Project and Portfolio Management
Balancing complexity with transparency is a constant challenge in project reporting and rationalization for government CIOs. SmiForce’s project and portfolio management addresses these challenges through dynamic dashboards and intuitive reports.
Application Portfolio Management
Fragmentation and inaccessibility of application information seriously impacts strategic options available to government CIOs. SmiForce's solution consolidates application data in one place to support cost reduction, rationalization, and optimization of IT application infrastructure.
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IT Management, Evolved
Technology built and validated by government leaders
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