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No matter the industry, SmiForce can provide your organization with the business insights it needs to help grow & transform your business!

Retail Industry
Retail organizations face a competitive environment as they strive to increase sales & customers, manage inventory & costs, and deliver quality experiences to consumers. With an ever-changing landscape, our solution helps provide your team with the insights to give you the business edge you need.
Healthcare Industry
For many healthcare providers, the ability to streamline operations & technology needs are difficult without extensive resources. With our cost-effective, cloud-based solution, we can help identify & communicate key business issues that you face on an on-going basis.
Convenience Store Industry
C-Stores are designed to provide consumers with a fast & simple shopping experience. Continuously challenged by competition, profitability, efficient inventory management & store operations, and consumer loyalty, C-Stores are in need of developing cost-effective solutions to combat these areas. Our data-analytic solution will aggregate data from multiple sources to enable your team with the actionable business insights.
Restaurant Industry
Restaurants are challenged with maintaining quality experiences at an affordable cost. With multiple data sources, the ability to have one-tool to help show how business is performing & how to manage cost is a need. Our services provide Restaurants with 360-degree view of their business to help manage Sales, Marketing, Finance, & Operations!
Learn more about
IT Management, Evolved
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