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SmiForce's cloud-based SaaS solution gives leaders a 360-degree view of their organization by providing 'One-Tool' for fast and actionable business insights!

  • Channel & Product Revenue Analyses
  • Product Pricing Analysis
  • Commission & Quota Insights
  • Customer Forecasting Analysis
  • Lead Generation Insights
  • CRM Data Analysis
  • Distribution & Rebate analysis
  • Budget forecast & planning
  • Cash Flow insights
  • Strategic Revenue Management insights
  • Monthly revenue, cost, & profit tracking
  • Product NPV insights
  • Delivery Performance
  • Quality Reports
  • Customer Satisfaction Survey Insights
  • Line Maintenance & Production Time
  • Inventory Analysis
  • CIO Dashboard
  • Service-Desk Insights
  • Call-Center Insights
  • Application Performance Management
  • Service Availability Reporting
  • Cyber-Security SEM Solution
  • DR Plan Development
  • Security Dashboard
  • Firewall Log analysis

Years of research and development have gone into developing the SmiForce solution. With operational modules for every component in a complex business organization, SmiForce is able to provide business leaders dynamic visualizations and unmatched reporting on critical insights and key performance indicators.

Learn more about
IT Management, Evolved
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