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IT Management, Evolved

The SmiForce team has over 30 years of business leadership experience, delivering value in the public & private sector. 

Our mission is to bring you access to fast and detailed insights through your data and our infrastructure at the touch of your keyboard. 

Having managed budgets in excess of $100M and 10,000+ employees, to deliver services to millions of customers and citizens, we have seen it all!

We help you drive business insights and reduce your costs by providing 'One Tool' for multiple purposes, thus eliminating the need of buying multiple tools from vendors. 

Our data analytics solution will eliminate the need for redundant infrastructure, software costs, and administrative costs. In addition, our team can provide the business insights to help your company grow. 


Business Strategy
Metrics, KPIs, and Dashboards
Executive Reporting
360-Degree View
Big Data
Whether your challenge is budgeting, strategy, change management,
or business/technology assessment, we can help!
Learn more about
IT Management, Evolved
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