Utilizing Enterprise Performance Management

SmiForce’s Enterprise Management Solution (SEIM) will help you understand your IT environment. Our services provide you the insights on your application & server performances, security risks, and network behaviors.

PHS leverages Big Data Security Log Analysis from SmiForce

SmiForce (www.smiforce.com), a cloud-based data analytics & big data security platform company, announced today Presbyterian Homes & Services, based in Roseville, MN,  has successfully deployed SmiForce’s Security Event Management solution.

Forget about VPN issues with SmiForce’s premier IT solution

With organizations moving to “work from home” for their employees, there has been an increasing demand for our IT teams to provide top services and accessibility for everyone. The increase of our staff using VPN connections can cause potential remote connectivity issues that can create a lack of efficiency and frustration for the organization.

Create 90% reduction in Application Outages

In our digital environment, fast websites, top application performances, and reliable end-user response times are an absolute requirement. IT organizations are constantly challenged to proactively stop any outages in order to provide better services and products to its customers.

The NEW age of analyzing your servers

The world today is not the same as it once was. We are learning new ways of living and working. As we keep on learning, our IT teams are seeing that cyber-security criminals are NOT taking a break! During these tough times, we have to be even more vigilant about who’s accessing our servers, what they are trying to do, and what data may be breached!

Building the best customer service with maximum RESULTS

Don’t you just hate it when you are on “hold” when you call the customer service hotline or technical support? At SmiForce, we are here to fix that problem by providing tools that are fast, reliable, and dedicated to helping your IT staff analyze, understand, and resolve help-desk issues.

BIG DATA Analytics: What is it & Why it matters?

When we hear the term “BIG DATA” our team usually thinks that there is going to be a lot of work involved! However, it does not have to be that way. For SmiForce, BIG DATA Analytics means being able to take large volumes of data and analyze it automatically to give our customers significant value from it. The aim of analyzing all this data is to identify patterns, insights, and connections that might otherwise be lost, and that might provide actionable solutions to the organization.

Defending the Wall: SmiForce’s Firewall Log Analytics brings deep insights from Fortinet Firewalls

Fortinet Firewalls are an important part of any organization’s cybersecurity protection. Over time, firewalls have offered a strong first line of defense against an array of threats. They are able to block a lot of junk that would otherwise inundate enterprise networks. The technology continues to be critical in enabling network segmentation and in ensuring critical business and corporate systems are separated. As your first line of defense, IT teams need to make sure that they are managing and monitoring their devices to ensure that their firewall is providing the necessary security protection needed.