Transform your data with advanced insights & analytics

SmiForce provides an AI-powered analytics solution for business and technology needs. Our platform offers real-time insights, personalized support, and helps users refine data-driven insights effortlessly. We cover custom data analytics, business intelligence, and cybersecurity, aiming to enhance decision-making across domains with easy-to-access actionable intelligence.


Discover the power of SmiForce's, AI-powered data analytics platform

With our cutting-edge AI-Powered Data Analytics Platform, we provide a seamless experience in unlocking the power of your data with vast integrations, data management, and AI-Powered analytics all at a click of a button.



Big Data Architecture

With Big Data architecture, customers have the ability to ingest data faster, integrate data from multiple data sources, enable data redundancy & parallel processing, correlate dispersed data, and continue to scale their data-driven organization, allowing customers to transform their data into a modern outlook.


Artificial Intelligence (AI) & Machine Learning (ML)

Using AI and ML technologies, customers can utilize pre-built workflows and algorithms to drive their data into more in-depth insights through advance analyses.


Data Science Function Automation

Automating the data analytics process allows our customers to ingest, analyze, build, and answer business or technology questions faster and easier.


Stay ahead with automated alerts

By creating automated, real-time alert mechanisms, our customers are able to stay up to date on key trends, insights, and anomalies occurring within the day-to day of their enterprise.


Streamline your operations, reduce costs, and make informed decisions.

SmiForce’s AI-Powered Data Analytics Platform stands out with its advanced technology and personalized services, enabling you to streamline your data operations, significantly reduce costs associated with data analysis, and empower your team to make well-informed decisions that propel your business forward with confidence. 

Select a feature to learn more:

Integration of all your data:

Experience the power of SmiForce’s AI-Powered Data Analytics Platform, your ultimate solution for integrating diverse data sources. Seamlessly blend on-premises, cloud, applications, databases, and 3rd-party solutions, harnessing valuable insights across your entire data landscape. Streamline analysis and make data-driven decisions with confidence. 

Advanced analysis and insights:

Harness the power of advanced analytics with SmiForce’s AI-Powered Data Analytics Platform. Powered by AI algorithms, statistical functions, and machine learning, we deliver in-depth analyses of your data. Unlock valuable insights, uncover patterns, and make data-driven decisions with confidence, leveraging the full potential of your data assets.

Dynamic & custom visualizations:

Revolutionize your data analysis with SmiForce’s AI-Powered Data Analytics Platform. Our advanced technology automatically generates hyper-customized dashboards and reports, empowering you to interact with your data effortlessly. Experience dynamic visualization of critical insights and gain interactive feedback, enabling informed decision-making and driving actionable outcomes. 

Proactive updates of your data:

Stay ahead of the game with SmiForce’s AI-Powered Data Analytics Platform. Our proactive alert system keeps you informed about trends, insights, and opportunities, ensuring you never miss a beat. Gain real-time, detailed insights at your fingertips, empowering you to make informed decisions and seize every opportunity for success. 

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