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SmiForce’s AI-Powered Data Analytics Platform helps to unlock the power of your data in order to answer those tough day-to-day business questions. With our platform, we provide 4 solutions: Data Integration & Scalability, Data Modernization & Management, Data & Infrastructure Security, and Data Analytics & Reporting.

SmiForce can integrate with data that is on-premise, in the cloud, from 3 rd party applications, and even your custom data sources. With our vast data connectors, we are able to automatically take your structure or unstructured data easily and bring it into our platform for a single-pane view.

SmiForce provides you a top-notch AI-Powered Data Analytics Platform that is equipped with Big Data, Machine Learning, Data Science Automation, and AI technology. Along with its powerful platform, SmiForce brings 30+ years of experience in the technology and Data Analytics space. With our solution + our services we make sure that your customized platform is maintained, updated, integrated with all your data, and provides you in-depth insights in real-time.

SmiForce is a cost-effective AI-Powered Platform that is priced based on your customization and needs. With SmiForce we create a flexible pricing plan that can create north of 40% of cost-savings within your organization. Using SmiForce’s AI- Powered Data Analytics Platform, your team can start unlocking the power of their data without breaking the bank.

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