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By exploring our use cases, you can see firsthand how SmiForce’s advanced AI and machine learning technology, easy setup and installation, and proactive alerting can help transform your business.

Technology Use-Cases:

Security Information Event Management (SIEM)

Empower your organizations to detect, respond, and mitigate cyber threats by aggregating and analyzing data from various sources for proactive cybersecurity and compliance management.

AIOps & IT Monitoring

Reduce unplanned downtime and alerting noise. Use predictive analytics to identify issues and enable full-stack visibility for more efficient response.

Application Response Time Monitoring

Application Response Time Analytics allows customers can identify the main cause of slow application performance by analyzing how the underlying infrastructure and technology may be affecting the application’s health and overall performance.

IoT Device Monitoring & Analytics

IoT Analytics reveals key information about the IoT devices you have
implemented and are utilizing. With real-time insights, SmiForce brings you a powerful AI-powered analytics platform and detailed alerts on all of your IoT devices through our automated analytic platform.

Help Desk Analytics

Analyze your help-desk data to uncover ways to optimize, improve, and manage your service desk environment. Enhance customer support by providing real-time insights, optimizing ticket resolution, and improving user satisfaction through data-driven decision-making and streamlined processes.

SLI/SLO Monitoring

Streamline performance tracking across your environments with centralized SLI/SLO monitoring. Use visualizations and smart alerting to better manage cloud KPIs.

Microsoft Office 365 Monitoring & Analytics

Start monitoring the health and performance of your O365 environment. With SmiForce, gain real-time insights to help identify bottlenecks, security threats, and insights on efficient management.

Google Cloud Monitoring & Analytics

Monitor your Google Cloud infrastructure in real-time, locate and resolve any issues immediately before it affects your business. With our tool for GCP monitoring, gain complete visibility and control of your GCP resources and application workloads. Quickly respond to business-critical incidents and optimize resource usage for improved performance and cost savings.

AWS Monitoring & Analytics

Start monitoring scans your AWS resources and applications, collecting data to ensure everything is operating smoothly and securely. With SmiForce, monitoring your infrastructure will help quickly identify vulnerabilities and issues, predict performance and optimize configurations.

Server Monitoring & Analytics

SmiForce monitors your entire servers’ system resources like CPU Usage, Memory Consumption, I/O, Network, Disk Usage, Process etc. With SmiForce’s metrics, our insights will help automatically help analyze capacity planning by understanding the server’s system resource usage, identifying other performance related issues like resource utilization, app downtime and response time.

Firewall & Network Monitoring & Analytics

Get a slew of security and traffic reports to assess the network security posture, bandwidth management, firewall compliance, firewall rule management, and more. Analyze the reports and take measures to prevent future security incidents. Monitor the Internet usage of enterprise users.

Database Monitoring & Analytics

SmiForce’s Database Monitoring allows you to view query metrics and explain plans from all of your databases in a single place. With SmiForce’s Monitoring, you can quickly pinpoint costly and slow queries and drill into precise execution details to address bottlenecks. Additionally, query and host metric correlation makes it easy to identify and understand the impact of resource constraints on database performance.

Business Intelligence Use-Cases:

Custom AI Data Analytics

Start building your own custom AI data analytics insights, visualizations, and alerts. With SmiForce’s AI-powered Data Analytics Platform, gain tailored insights, optimize strategies, and make informed decisions, driving growth and efficiency across your organization.

CEO Unified Dashboard Insights

SmiForce’s CEO Unified Dashboard offers CEOs a dynamic snapshot of organizational performance. It provides real-time insights, KPI tracking, and data-driven decision- making, fostering agile leadership and strategic excellence.

Business Intelligence Analytics

Transform your business with Business Intelligence (BI) and Data Analytics. From small enterprises to corporate giants, BI fuels growth through informed decisions, process optimization, and enhanced efficiencies. Elevate performance across the board. Unleash your data’s potential for a brighter future.

Sales Growth Analytics

Elevate sales success with SmiForce’s Sales Growth Analytics. Obtain a comprehensive overview of organizational sales, harness actionable insights, and enhance decision-making for optimized strategies and revenue acceleration. Start integrating & analyzing all your sales data across your business units, applications, and databases.

Financial Planning & Analytics

Empower financial excellence with SmiForce’s Financial Planning Analysis module. Access crucial insights for budgeting, forecasting, and decision-making. Equip finance executives to optimize processes, mitigate risks, and drive fiscal success.

Marketing & Advertising Analytics

SmiForce’s Marketing & Advertising Analytics module empowers marketing & ad executives with essential insights. Elevate campaign strategies, audience targeting, and messaging through data-driven decisions, maximizing impact across all marketing and advertising initiatives.

Healthcare Analytics

Unlock the power of data with our Healthcare Analytics Module. Gain vital insights to optimize operations, enhance patient care, and streamline decision-making. Empower your healthcare business with comprehensive analytics for improved efficiency, outcomes, and success.

Transit Data Analytics

Utilizing SmiForce’s Transit Data Analytics helps builds the future of transit. Empower transit agencies with deep insights into operations, rider behavior, and performance. Optimize routes, reduce costs, enhance rider experience—enabling teams to make informed decisions across the board. Elevate your transit system today.

School Data & Education Analytics

Empower student success with our School Data Analytics Module. Start helping school districts and teams with vital insights for optimizing operations, enhancing teaching strategies, and boosting student performance. Transform data into actionable strategies for a brighter educational future.

Manufacturing & Warehouse Inventory Analytics

Gain a competitive edge with our Manufacturing and Warehouse Inventory Data Analytics module. Elevate operations through insightful data-driven decisions. Uncover hidden patterns, enhance inventory management, and boost warehouse and line performance. Empower manufacturing executives and teams to optimize efficiency, drive growth, and master every aspect of their operations.

Restaurant & Franchisees Analytics

Unlock success with our Restaurant and Franchisees Data Analytics Module! Gain invaluable insights to supercharge business growth and optimize performance. Elevate fiscal responsibility with data-driven decisions. Empower executives and teams with analytical prowess for operational efficiency, ensuring a delectable blend of success in every aspect of your restaurant and franchise operations.

Managed Service & SLA Analytics

Managed Service and SLA Data Analytics provide service organizations with a comprehensive and real-time view of their operations. Through advanced data analysis, organizations can identify bottlenecks, anticipate potential issues, and optimize processes, leading to enhanced efficiency and smoother workflows.

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